Small Wonders Child Care and Preschool

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We have been serving the Wichita, Haysville and Derby communities for 22 years.

5135 S. Broadway, Wichita, KS.






We are currently opening two new preschool classrooms - Dragonfly and Shooting Stars - please stop by for a tour and to visit the rooms. We will assist you in becoming enrolled today!

Our Preschool Program is designed to prepare your child for school. We cover all domains of learning: language and literacy, art, physical development, social studies, science, math and social and emotional development.

Language and Literacy improved by utilizing a weekly site word program which helps the children identify and reinforcing vocabulary and will strengthen their conversation skills.

Art By involving children actively in art, music, literature and movement we promote a child's sense of curiosity, competence and creativity through creative exploration, discovery and imaginative play.

Physical Development is so very important to children. We have been given several grants with which we purchased equipment for both indoor (we have a very large gym to utilize during adverse weather conditions) and outdoor, free play and movement activities. We foster fine motor skills through hands-on activities in all areas of the curriculum.

Science and Social Studies are a mixture of engaging, hands-on exploration. This of course is one of the children's favorite areas and we strive to provide a large array of sensory materials which are changed weekly in each of the classrooms.

Math is introduced through graphing, sequences, and charting activities both available to the children through hands on materials and classroom activities.

Social and Emotion Development helps children build an awareness of their own feeling and those of others. We strive to encourage children to practice skills helpful for regulating behavior in the face of strong emotions. Present many opportunities to experience success, both through individual efforts and through guided practice.